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Tenth Nationalities’ Day marked colorfully in Gambella
December 09 2015
Addis Ababa, December 9, 2015 (FBC) –The 10th
Nations, Nationalities and People’s Day has been
celebrated colorfully in Gambella town, Gambella
Regional State, today.

The day was marked under the theme “Nations,
Nationalities and People’s Participation for
Surpassed Growth and Transformation.”

Residents of Gambella town, representatives of
nations and nationalities from across the country,
invited guests and high level government officials,
including Prime Minister Hailemariam Desalegn,
attended the event.
The celebration was graced by representatives of foreign countries, including Sudanese President Omar
Hassan al-Bashir.

Prime Minister Hailemariam Desalegn on the occasion said that the celebration marks the day when nations
and nationalities of Ethiopia agreed to endorse the Constitution based on free will and in a sense of

Nations and nationalities were denied their rights by the past regimes, who considered the unity in diversity as
a weakness, he said.

However, their age-long quest for rights, peace and stability got answer after the endorsement of the
Constitution, he said.

The Constitution, which was endorsed based on the will of the people, guaranteed the unity of the people in
addition to maintaining their rights, he said.

The Constitution demonstrated the unity in diversity through creating one political community, he added.

All Ethiopians had managed to ensure their all round benefits from the development gains registered seizing
the peace and stability prevailed in the country after the approval of the Constitution, he said.

Speaker of the House of Federation (HoF), Yalew Abate, said the celebration has a significant contribution to
ensure the rights and benefits of all citizens as well as to successfully attain the goals set at a national level.

Chief Administrator of the Gambella Regional State, Gatluwak Tut, said the celebration of Nations,
Nationalities and People’s Day gives equal guarantee for all Ethiopian citizens.

Both the Constitutional and human rights of citizens were respected right after the approval of the
Constitution, he said.  

The socio-economic and democratic changes and growth being observed in the regional state are the result
of the Constitution, he noted.

Previously scattered residents of the state have now become beneficiaries of development gains due to the
villagization programs carried out using the peace and stability existed in the region, he added.

According to him, 37, 883 residents were clustered into 98 centralized villages.
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